Logline: You only run into him once!

Synopsis: The Man With The Shiny Shoes tells the story of a vicious gangster who runs an illegal brothel full of kidnapped women forced into sex slavery. One of his victims, LILA, meets a violent end, but narrates her story about how she got into this mess in the first place. Lila introduces us to another girl, FELICE. There’s still hope for Felice, as a passionate policeman is determined to find her. He even teams up with the gangster’s niece, who wants nothing else than to escape from her criminal life. One more score is all she needs, but this last job brings her closer to the one man she would like to stay away from: The Man With The Shiny Shoes.

The Man With The Shiny Shoes is a violent comedy/thriller in a neo-noir setting, about revenge, family and loyalty, filled with wacky characters and enough storylines to build a new franchise series. By not revealing the identity of The Man With The Shiny Shoes, until the very last moment, audiences will be hyped and wonder who this mysterious and vicious gangster is. The graphic novel of The Man With The Shiny Shoes will be launched at Comic Con New York 2017, after which the Intellectual Property will be even more attractive to turn into a TV series and movies, with endless merchandise possibilities. 



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