Logline: What could be nicer for paralysed Julia, than being taken for a gentle walk in the woods?

Synopsis: Niesha is a policewoman, who, when clearing out squatters from an abandoned building, pushes a young woman, Julia, who falls down the stairs. As Julia is taken away in an ambulance, Niesha walks through the scene in a daze, overwhelmed by her own aggression. Five months later. Niesha now works as a motorcycle messenger, but still hasn’t exorcised her demons. Every day she visits the hospital where Julia is convalescing, and stands outside the window looking in. One day, Niesha discovers that Julia has gone missing. She follows the trail into the woods behind the hospital and finds an empty wheelchair. Niesha calls her sister, Koswald, who still works for the police. A police investigation is launched, but quickly runs dry. Niesha becomes obsessed with finding Julia.



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