The “Gnomes” storylines and themes have a great universal appeal. A realistic CGI animation movie will be an adventure for the whole family. Whether they are chased by wolfs, or flying on geese, the Gnomes bring us stories about danger and betrayal in the nature and animal world, filled with magic. A treatment (available on request) and potential plot lines for our film(s) may include ‘the holy Gnome book containing secret magical spells that gets stolen by the mythical wizard leader of the Trolls’. Occasionally bearing historical reference,these movies will be of epic fantasy proportion with endless story possibilities.

Some Gnome Book IP Fact:

• The books have been translated into 18 different languages and released in 23 countries;
• Worldwide over 13.5 million copies have been sold and the books are still in publication;
• The books are embraced by both audiences and critics, often resulting in ‘ ve star ratings’;
• In the US, “Gnomes” is published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. of New York City;
• Even three decades after its inception, new territories are discovering the magical world of the “Gnomes”, such as China, South Africa, which are now also publishing the books. 



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