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    Blooming media represents a new wave of independent production companies reinventing the traditional way of producing TV formats and series. Blooming is focused on the production of clever and heart-felt "fiction" content designed for sharing across multiple platforms to reach the younger demographics. We bring stories to life for a blooming feature. The local and international version of our latest production “the Ludwigs” for Nickelodeon will be aired in the Netherlands and the USA.

    But, Blooming Media does not only focus on the younger demographics. Our team has years of experience in feature films and TV series, something we aim to exploit to the fullest in our new cooperation with Rooftop Content Group and their Intellectual Properties.


    We put an emphasis on arts and society. Our work is guided by the interaction between cultural and socio-political developments and covers a wide topical range: from the popular in classical music to the classics of pop culture. We produce serials and equally carefully crafted individual programs in the field of factual entertainment, magazine, documentary, documentary drama and (live) shows. From its foundation in 2008 on Signed Media is responsible for producing ARTE’s pop culture magazine “Tracks” (which was awarded the French television prize “7 d’or”). In 2009 Signed Media also produced the ten-part documentary “The Most Beautiful Operas of All Time” that received the silver “Die Klappe“ award and the bronze “ADC Prize and was nominated for the Rose d‘or award. Our spectrum reaches from pop legends (“Life and Death of Sam Cooke”, 2016) or b-boy events (“The International Battle of the Year”, 2011-2015) up to Ballet (“Ballet Jeunesse”, 2017) and classical music (“Eras of Music History”, 2016 / “The Secret of The Violin”, 2013 / “Open Opera”, 2012). Throughout the years Signed Media has worked and cooperated with many of the most acknowledged artists such as Jonas Kaufmann, Daniel Barenboim, Christian Thielemann, Daniel Hope, Sting, Donna Summer, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Gregory Porter, Volker Schlönorff and many others. Our clients come from virtually the entire breadth of the European public sector. They include the German television broadcasters ARD, 3Sat, SWR, NDR, WDR, as well as our most important partner ZDF / ARTE.


    The Beagle Productions is a Nordic production company with offices in Oslo, Zurich and Madrid. We want to bring powerful storytelling into real expeditions and extreme adventures. The Beagle Productions is specialized in bringing the best cinematography from the most remote places on earth and to create a powerful storytelling in those harsh environments. We have been pioneers in 4K production in extreme climate, with HFR and HDR outputs. Recognized as industry leaders on these matters, we have been invited to seminars and conferences worldwide. The team is specialized in aerial filming, underwater, extreme heat environments (such as deserts and arctic winters), jungles and high mountains. Also we have been providing Virtual Reality content, for several broadcasters, leading the creation of a new company, VReckon, specialised in Virtual and Augmented Reality.

    The Beagle Productions’ content has been broadcasted in over 65 countries and has been translated into 30 languages

    Showreel: https://youtu.be/O_fc2Imj_G8


    United is a full service organization in the field of facilities, technical and creative support for media and broadcast organizations. Innovation and flexibility are of paramount importance, and are the spearheads with which we consolidate and expand our position in a strong and quickly-developing market. Our product and service departments allow us to offer a wide range of facilities and services. Due to our experience, commitment to our customers and our flexible approach we are a natural partner for many media and broadcast organizations.

    United is a subsidiary of the Euro Media Group. This allows us to combine forces with other subsidiaries, exchange knowledge and experience, and operate flexibly and effectively at a national and international level. In addition, this gives our customers access to a very wide range of possible facilities, services and solutions. The Euro Media Group has establishments in the following countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, France, Italy and Switzerland. Nationally the various companies are independent and have their own identity. Internationally there is a synergy, so that various partners within the group can take advantage of our combined personnel, technical and financial strength.

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We act as distributor, sales agent and/or aggregator for major clients worldwide. Depending on each title individually,
we specialize in either all rights deals with theatrical potential, or we sell to specific media windows instead.
With local experts in the field, Rooftop offers immediate access to and knowledge of specific markets.



We aim to create unique content which is both commercial as well as high quality, thereby focussing on both emerging as well as established talents. We prefer to get involved in an Intellectual Property as early as possible, but evaluate each project individually to offer strategic, tailored solutions. Feel free to take a look at some of our Intellectual Properties. 




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